I forgot my username, what to do?

The easiest way is to contact us by clicking on "Contact" at the bottom of the website with your email, or directly on our Teamspeak ( by sending a PM to a technical admin

How to register my team for a tournament?

First, it is necessary that the tournament is in registration phase. Then you can click on the link "Registration" on the tournament page. You then select your team and players. Each player must confirm his presence. Once the required number of players have confirmed their attendance and the tournament is in the process of check in (just before the start of the tournament), a team member may confirm the team manager on the page of this team.

League of Legends - Rewards

When will I receive the rewards?

The rewards sends does not depend on us but directly RIOT. It may take two days as three weeks.

I have not yet received the awards, what to do?

You can verify that the rewards are granted on the list of tournaments in the "Last tournaments" or in your "My tournaments" page.

My teammates have received awards but not me, what to do?

It's just that you did not registered on the RIOT event site, it is unfortunately too late. The link is available on your confirmation, remember for next time ;)

League of Legends - Matchs

The opposing team is not present, what to do?

You can begin to warn the tournament manager on our teamspeak from five minute wait. The administrator will attempt to contact the opposing team. If it is not present within ten minutes and it does not respond, you win the game.

The opposing team is not very nice, what to do?

You just have to keep calm and screenshot insults without reply and we provide (on TS or on the website) at the end of the match. We will decide internally of the sanction to apply. (Warning, Disqualification, Temporary Ban Ban for life)