[5vs5] BallzyCup#248

League of Legends

Phase : Finished
Dates (Paris time)
Registration start Jan 10, 2017 12:00 AM
Registration end Jan 12, 2017 8:23 PM
Check in Jan 12, 2017 : 8:23 PM - 8:30 PM
Tournament start Jan 12, 2017 8:30 PM
Size 32 teams
Mod Classic
Final BO1
1st 1600 RP, Ryze, Triumphant Ryze, 4-Win IP Boost + 200 Points
2nd 1200 RP, 4-Win IP Boost + 175 Points
3rd 800 RP, 4-Win IP Boost + 150 Points
4th 400 RP, 4-Win IP Boost + 125 Points
5th - 8th 4-Win IP Boost + 20 Points

Bracket automatically refresh

Some rules

IMPORTANT ! Prizes are provided up to five players per team. Subs can register as well, but the team captain must inform the tournament admin of the final team roster once the tournament is complete, so the correct players can be submitted as winners. Please note that only players who have participated in the tournament are eligible for prizes of Riot Games.


  • This tourney concerns EUW players only.
  • It takes place on the Summoner rift​ map, picks are in tournament draft.
  • It is mandatory for each player to register on the Riot official community page, in order for you to be eligible of prizing (link available at the end of registration).
  • If you fail to do so, you will be denied of prizing. For more information you can check the Riot's FAQ.
  • You have 10 min (15 for the first) to join your game lobby, if your opponents are late, see phase match.
  • In game 5 minutes break is allowed if this delay is exceeded, resume the game or contact us if the game remains paused.
  • The finale and little final must be played. If one team don't want to, she will not receive the rewards.
  • The final (and bronze match) can be deferred (in the next 10 days, maximum), with the tournament admin's agreement.
  • You play in the side you appear on the bracket : first team on the left side, second team on the right one. 

Boost your rank

  • You aim for the top spot League of Legends 5vs5 on Tournois Legend? Only one solution : the tournaments!
  • Check your place and make it increase. The best teams will be invit to a special tournament !

Tournament's conduct

Phase : Preparation

  • In this phase, you can only see the tournament's informations, and prepare you for registration by creating your team, inviting your mates etc...
  • Don't forget to read the rules and FAQ !

Phase : Registration

  • Now you can register for the tourney. You must select a team (every player can register his team), choose 5 players and 2 possible substitutes.
  • /!\ You have not the possibility to modify the players list registered, for make a change, you need to contact us before the tournament start /!\
  • Once your team is well registered, all players must confirm their participation, with the good tag (in game username), on the tournaments page by clicking on confirm.
  • If one of your players is mistake or has changed its nickname in game, he can contact us on our Discord or creating a ticket, in the category "Technical".

Phase : Check in

  • This phase begins immediately after closing in entries. One player of your team must confirm the participation of the team to the tourney in the "manage my team" button. This action is required to be in the bracket.

Phase : Matches

  • The tournament begins ! Start the game as soon as possible, the team top of the bracket invite the opponent.
  • After winning your match (it's advisable to take a screenshot in case of protest), click on "Report".
  • /!\ Warning, any attempt of fraud of result (report, contest...) will be punished with a definitive banishment /!\.
  • You can contest the result with the "Contest" link, you have about 1 min after the postponement of the match.

Help and support

  • During a tournament, you can contact us at any moment via our Discord by sending a message to the "Tournament Admin" present in the server (Admin > Rules)

Discord http://discord.gg/BDmVjFT fbTournoisLegend tw@TournoisLegend  

Name Players Status
[SP] SoloQ Players Quackers | Jınx | GM Lugia | WhitecoreXx | Frixen | med aIIen | a77aa Confirmed
[Coex] Coexistence Esport Spaiike | poutur | BbKanda | exosexy | Lazurr Confirmed
[wrzta] Team warzazata maykelhero | masterjoueur | Axe N Røses | VirtusT | toutoujerbi Confirmed
[SA] Support Army anto38fr | djokos35000 | Solomai | Swerii | Flacx Confirmed
[TPAS] T pas assez mature Obbaia | VistaQ | true know | i hate her | Kato Dàn Confirmed
[FLD] FEED LIKE DUCKS vukiland | lee Fan | L1G0NN | daamn Xp | True sprit MagiC Confirmed
[AMD] AnotherMeasureDream AbyssMustDorone | ArkMaDax | AlsoMeansDeath | AethixosMoonDuck | AuraMysticDraw Confirmed
[TRAIN] Training God Blazernight | WG Abacool | Macaroní v2 | Abbys Noir | Warness Confirmed
[ULT] Imperial Cúrsè | Spooky v2 | Metro Bóómin | extase | Kelizar Confirmed
[RANDY] RANDY Fan de madh | AK Yahiko | EU Slash15 | UnReaL CoRe | XeKo | lI Akito Il Confirmed
[Delete] Lemos Club Snakecris2 | KotoniusElGrande | Palao86 | Jamatroniq | xNono | Jamatronik Confirmed
[WaW] WannabeWarriors WaW Zarouh | tAkunh | KissMyHero | Waw Hugo | Akadei Confirmed
[A!GHT] TEAM ESPORC BACON Caliméro | Deaddshot v2 | Seyaa | jayce6821 | Champiflux Confirmed
[EHEHE] SITOFATTOMALE Łâst | 2 Axes 1 zmbieX | Youowemecooki | Nequiquam | MrPatiusca | Airony Walker Confirmed
[MTC] ManticOre Esport TOP 1 ADC EU | M jester | WhiteMary | Yevac | Łoop Confirmed
[orKs] orKs Just Right orKs Darth | M0reb1de | Shyzuna | Timowlolol | lIllIIllIIlII Confirmed
[Kenty2] Kenty2 Rimtuolis | trufier | Afting | Kenty Domas | Bad Guy Panda Confirmed