[5vs5] MateMeUp Tournament #2

League of Legends

Phase : Finished
Dates (Paris time)
Registration start Jul 29, 2017 3:10 PM
Registration end Aug 5, 2017 7:45 PM
Check in Aug 5, 2017 : 7:45 PM - 8:00 PM
Tournament start Aug 5, 2017 8:00 PM
Size 64 teams
Mod Classic
Final BO1
1st 250€ + 8 000 RP, Triumphant Ryze, 4-Win IP Boost + 240 Points
2nd 100€ + 6 000 RP, 4-Win IP Boost + 210 Points
3rd 4 000 RP, 4-Win IP Boost + 180 Points
4th 2 000 RP, 4-Win IP Boost + 150 Points
5th - 8th 4-Win IP Boost + 20 Points

Bracket automatically refresh

Some rules

  • /!\ You have to register on the MateMeUp website before the tournament start to participate and receive prices. Registration close at beggining /!\
    • More then 2000€ of Giveaway every mounth
    • 1st community search site for Lol players in 8 languages​
  • ​​​It is mandatory for each player to register on the Riot official community page, in order for you to be eligible of prizing (link available at the end of registration).
  • If you fail to do so, you will be denied of prizing. For more information you can check the Riot's FAQ.
  • This monthly tourney concerns EUW players only.
  • It takes place on the Summoner rift​ map, picks are in tournament draft.
  • The rewards displayed are per team.
  • You have 10 min (15 for the first) to join your game lobby, if your opponents are late, see phase match.
  • In game 5 minutes break is allowed if this delay is exceeded, resume the game or contact us if the game remains paused.
  • You play in the side you appear on the bracket : first team on the left side, second team on the right one. 

Boost your rank

  • You aim for the top spot League of Legends 5vs5 on Tournois Legend? Only one solution : the tournaments!
  • Check your place and make it increase. The best teams will be invit to a special tournament !

Tournament's conduct

Phase : Preparation

  • In this phase, you can only see the tournament's informations, and prepare you for registration by creating your team, inviting your mates etc...
  • Don't forget to read the rules and FAQ !

Phase : Registration

  • Now you can register for the tourney. You must select a team (every player can register his team), choose 5 players and 2 possible substitutes.
  • /!\ You have not the possibility to modify the players list registered, for make a change, you need to contact us before the tournament start /!\
  • Once your team is well registered, all players must confirm their participation, with the good tag (in game username), on the tournaments page by clicking on confirm.
  • If one of your players is mistake or has changed its nickname in game, he can contact us on our Teamspeak or creating a ticket, in the category "Technical".

Phase : Check in

  • This phase begins immediately after closing in entries. One player of your team must confirm the participation of the team to the tourney in the "manage my team" button. This action is required to be in the bracket.
  • A channel can be created on teamspeak on request to the admin.

Phase : Matches

  • The tournament begins ! Start the game as soon as possible, the team top of the bracket invit the opponent.
  • After winning your match (it's advisable to take a screenshot in case of protest), click on "Report".
  • /!\ Warning, any attempt of fraud of result (report, contest...) will be punished with a definitive banishment /!\.
  • You can contest the result with the "Contest" link, you have about 1 min after the postponement of the match.

Help and support

  • During a tournament, you can contact us at any moment via our Discord by sending a message to the "Tournament Admin" present in the server (Admin > Rules)

Discord http://discord.gg/zeG7TpK fbTournoisLegend tw@TournoisLegend   esl_tournoislegend

Name Players Status
[TMC] The missclickers TMC madlife | TMC chopper | TMC VOVA | TMC TreVor | SYIHR Confirmed
[EUNE] EUNE Smurfs LUL like this NSR One Gank Man | mimic ovo | Lee Cos | NSR Adham | Shadow Limit Confirmed
[NSR] Nasr Esports NSR Wicky | CA Mishal | 9eetoo | NL Fear | eGnom Confirmed
[Hex] Hex hex ajwad | Hex DaGhBooS | hex monkey750 | Hex Law | Hex Sanjii | hex kxeight Confirmed
[nR] nerdRage nR Prosfair | nR Hej | nR Nutri | nR Artorias | nR Kakan Confirmed
[2KANS] Le Touclan Ravageyo | Wânderer | Hérésie | Sejinn | Plummard Confirmed
[PRANK] You Got Pranked Mate Alexandre Petrov | Thomdrako | Félyone | Toshabor | RavageAlma Confirmed
[ZPR] Zephyr Esport ZPR Thovan | ZPR Seedmär | ZPR Soharus | ZPR Agoniz | ZPR Perryyy Confirmed
[SvS] Survivors Luddoro | Respect supports | FlawLessMinds | Jglr | Harry Poétter Confirmed
[RS] Red Sharks whoreef | Yôkaï | Sùbaru Natsuki | SignMasterr | Hi im Junuya Confirmed
[Noell] skyblog Noarhï | Nelliels | Rengar vs Khazix | sasuke153 | ShadowFighter825 Confirmed
[TSS] The Shining Stars Smurfatlas | Vìrtuozz | Thejubaa | Sadness | brain lag sry Confirmed
[QQQ] Des Q La goudale | dQ Jappy | flijg | dQ gord | sittingsheep Confirmed
[L5] Les 5 macarons DD Eggxecuted | Blìtzcrånk | Hi im PegaZz | Diazzz | vulcano400 Confirmed
[TGA] TGA Vortex Mid Envy | Maisumer | Butaas | DarkCarnifex | Rosasd Confirmed
[SoSq] Sonic Squad Turaxy | Lipe | Wakz | sQa Farrhell | Teasyz Confirmed
[sdfot] simon disgusting fiddle one trick illlliiillllll | SiMoneyMaker | MichaeI Scofield | Dantan | Phantomles Confirmed
[Foc] Focus on improving yourself MrGunvard | Eyliph | Temari | TayZeur | lmfinesaveme Confirmed
[IFEC] Infinite Eclipse Desrim | Guarding You | Nekro XD | s7yx | FinalGamér Confirmed
[TM] Team mix Einard | AddicT BlackWolf | play4kda | Kïnn | Freazy v1 Confirmed
[TFT] TonyFitTv tylermtfcking1 | hichamourson | Sön Gohan | BotSullian | Dopeul Eniripsia Confirmed
[HBK] Team Hbaks HbK Checkmate | Afeay | CrK Mayo | Kiamanoah | stamslash Confirmed
[LMT] Les Mamies Tipiak russkovbonobo | ŁaFleur | antonin panenka | Cdric | PouicPouicPouic Confirmed
[AVC] Avencrossed flashdracoHD | No Tag | At5u | Sparito45 | Mimifix | Neckogami Confirmed
[ARFF] LES MEHDI BOYS empaax | redfoxarmy | flaiker | freaw | INdestructo18 Confirmed
[BG] Les ba***ds en gloire VelKozTentacles | BetterCallManiaK | Breaking Ball | indoudoune | FnRir Confirmed
[FTART] F To The Art Björnen Baloo | TheRoyalKanin | Hoflin | Carlberg | Lord Obama Confirmed
[R1P] Mitschel der Kartoffelbauer SH4RKR1PP3R155 | S0R3X155 | Enro Smörferinho | lookmydraftsdued | AGR Anbe155 Confirmed
[ANDE] AUCUNEIDEE MSK Takezo | GX GuarÐian | Miyoki | Akalil | Twitçh Confirmed
[Nyx] Nyx Assassins Lame2fame | SirQuacksAL0t | Salty Melon | RnS | HawHawNeverLucky Confirmed
[CM] Chkopenhagen Memes Peel my ßanana | CM Joker | CM Shade | lNT YOUR GAME | fâ0lin | Hësperax | Reylague Confirmed
[SilvD] SilverDream SD UpperMadness | Blast LFT | SD Elving | GX GuarÐian | C9 Deez Confirmed
[PR] Purity Esport Deïshiro v2 | dikkyxradeon | YoxHell | TANK ABOVE ALL | Luxus Confirmed
[DirD] Desra ir Draugai Desra | Alunirx | Angushman | WOL Justas | Delumo Confirmed
[RS] Rising Storms Ciudi | Godcia | INTcarnati0n | ADCForTheWinEUW | Lebronze JameZZA Confirmed
[Air] All In RetarDs Pok3rVonSalt | Quefel | Arckyus | kozjin | AEX Egotrip | ArcHour Confirmed
[DICEAU] Volarousse Pk ju si bo | Jedel | Lincolts | Xinaucarre | Zac Chîrac Confirmed
[LNRek] LNRekT chocacao | TOM6675 | dydycalibra123 | Shankars | Soomool Confirmed
[es] eloo sadjade hi im psykoz | ALDERIAT V2 | gt1 forg1vengre | darckwarior1 | prodegydz Confirmed
[rip] leagues of silverbronze lolgame95 | dioukino | MonsterZerg | PALAYE ROYALE | La Moueta Confirmed
[L O L] UBC Team riolu32 | sàlamandre | Kapoutccino | Zomino | Ping pong lêe Confirmed