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This is a french offline event :)

Ballzy Party #3
Basic Informations
Format : 5vs5
Size : 16
Registration Start : 1/10/18, 12:00 AM
Check in Start : 3/1/18, 8:15 PM
Start at : March 24, 2018 at 10:00 AM


Bracket amateur

Participants (16/16)
  • Dat Academy - Confirmed

    Dat Francky, Le Tryhard, 21 Alpha, BenObear, Arzamas

  • 10 pénales létales - Confirmed

    Le Bon Dora, Kalimucho, Lemillionnaire66, BOB EN SUEUR, My name is bisou

  • TekLan - Confirmed

    GAY Oghamm, 4TF KypKalm, bobo1591, Jokerflip, GAY Suissehide

  • MONKEY 5 - Confirmed

    H0rohoro, OsuPepper, EgirlDeLaForêt, sorax950, LHG Patchfork

  • TEK_Foucous_Rodha - Confirmed

    I ENJOY HAREM, TD Quills, Zazu le Cruel, TouÐoux, Lord Spatule

  • Report Kedge - Confirmed

    Nheyll, Addisondavis, rakhoon, valric v3, docteur tìc

  • QuentouTOP - Confirmed

    JE SUIS GOODER, PCZ Dermaree, Nunu the Insane, All Hail Mozart, MCp Piccorela

  • sQual - Confirmed

    Akys, karkên, gin spirit, sQa Farrhell, Lipe

  • Hexoria Esport - Confirmed

    hXr Macloveur, hXr d3gunZ, hxr Noblesse, Rog974, Focus lulu

  • Les Amants de ma Femme - Confirmed

    Ehlelou, ChildCooker, Narhbroff, V4ss73r, Zéyos

  • Exalty - Confirmed

    Exalty Kain, 2K solen, Tamoz Le Soleil, Notiixx Louis, vichen

  • Game 5 Victory - Confirmed

    Anaïs My Bae, Imperîum, Elementalïst Lux, B2K Dalkail, Death CoiI

  • Mushroom's Revolution - Confirmed

    Mush Borá, Mush Geik, Mush Masa, Mhordok, Stalki

  • Mushroom's Revolution 2 - Confirmed

    Kyraniice, Mush Déli, Ring0w, ZE pitchou, Best Gragas Supp

  • COCONUT Crou - Confirmed

    COCO Manzaro, COCO Nihv, COCO Blazzios, COCO Rooskas, Tragua

  • Unlike - Confirmed

    Unlike Yaourt, Unlike Saturn, Glen Ryders, Unlike AwpY, Unlike SnailPet

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