Due to a lack of participation, the tournament is canceled. Ty for understanding


Pause time: 5min per team
Max. waiting time: 10min (15min for the first round)
Spectators: Authorized
Riot Event link: Available from your first match

Rewards may vary depending on the number of participants (See rules tab)
The Finale must be played.

Tournament progress

Check-in :
It is a phase between the end of the registrations and the beginning of the tournament.
This phase serves to confirm your participation.
You can register during this phase but you must fill in all the tags of your team.

Matchs :
Start your match as soon as possible, the team at the top of the bracket invites opponents.
When you have won your match do not forget to take a screenshot to prove your good faith in case of dispute.
If you have a problem contact us as soon as possible on our Discord.


Thank you for informing us as soon as possible of any abusive behavior (see Rules tab) with proof.

Tournois Legend is labeled Respect Zone. For all our tournaments, we ask players to be respectful in both defeat and victory.

If you need a game server or vocal server check out Engine-Serv

TL LOL #21
Basic Informations
Map : Summoner's rift
Format : 5vs5
Size : 8
Registration Start : 4/26/18, 8:30 PM
Check in Start : 4/28/18, 8:15 PM
Start at : April 28, 2018 at 8:30 PM
1 : 1600 RP, Ryze, Triumphant Ryze, XP Boost (4-Wins)
2 : 1200 RP, XP Boost (4-Wins)
3 : 800 RP, XP Boost (4-Wins)
4 : 400 RP, XP Boost (4-Wins)
5 to 8 : XP Boost (4-Wins)
Tournois Legend

The bracket automatically update